Gabi Schoening

                                          Intuitive Readings and Energy Shifts, 

                                                                           Inter-dimensional Assessments and Therapy                                                                                                            

                                                                         By training and experience I am a meditator, social worker, group facilitator and 

                                                                                                              certified practitioner for both Matrix Energetics 

                                                                                       and Ayurveda (the Indian Science of Health based in 5000 years of wisdom).

                                                              I studied and lived in Europe, the Pacific Northwest in the United States,

                                                            India and Hawaii. Currently I live and practice near Portland, Oregon.


                                                           Tel. 971- 251 0477





Interview with Gabi on the Beyond50RadioShow

"Energy Work as a Tool for Growth and Transformation" with Daniel Davis

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Gabi will talk about being an energy worker to help others heal their body, mind and spirit. You'll learn about the difference between what she does and the work of a counselor. Schoening will also explain about energy work connecting to dance and the possibility of experiencing past lifetimes and other dimensions.








                                                    Pauline Interviews with Gabi

                                                                                              "Working with Energy"

                                                                                                     Recorded in Portland, OR in 2014

                                                                                                               by  TV host Pauline Nort                                                                                             

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      Part 1:, 10 minutes


      Topics: a little bit of biographical background, Ayurveda, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Physic



Part 2:, 13 min

Topics: Importance of Energy Clearings, "stuck" energy, energy attachments, energy field and -patterns, ancestral thoughts



                    Part 3:,  17 minutes

Topics: examples of working with animals and people, past lives, shamans and priests in different cultures, Higher Self and guides





Blog-Talk Radio Show with Gabi

"Quantum Transformations"

  on Soul Searching Radio

with Debra and Tony Defreece from New Awakenings Book Store in Battleground, WA

January 2014


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60 minutes




Professional Background:


Intuitive Work: Since 2007 I have been working in my private practice for intuitive readings and energy work. During this time I have been a presenter and reader at numerous Psychic Fairs and metaphysical book stores in Bellingham, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and Hawaii and a speaker at the Body-Mind-Spirit-Expos and several wellness centers and metaphysical stores in Portland. In 2009 I created a forum for intuitives and alternative practitioners under the name "Wellness Fair" at New Renaissance Bookshop. It still continues in 2016 under a new name and leadership.:


Matrix Energetics: I have studied Matrix Energetics intensively since 2006 and attended many Matrix Energetics seminars, completed the certification training and had the joy and honor of observing Dr. Bartlett’s work in his office. Dr. Richard Bartlett is the founder of Matrix Energetics. I also assisted his daughter Justice Bartlett with sessions. I have been a facilitator at Dr. Bartlett’s workshops in San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego and Vancouver, BC and have been leading Matrix Energetics study groups in Washington and Oregon. I had a practice for spiritual energy work in Freeland on Whidbey Island and in Kapaa, Hawaii. I now live and practice in Portland, OR and work with clients both locally (in-person ) and internationally (by phone). I have clients in Germany, England, Holland, India, Canada, California, Florida, New York, Alaska, Kansas and many other states.


Ayurveda: I am also a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and have studied at the Ayurvedic Academy at Bastyr in Kenmore, WA and have completed an Ayurvedic apprenticeship program with Kumudini Shoba on Whidbey Island, WA. I deepened my studies of Ayurveda in India with Dr. Vishnawathan and Dr. Kumar in Kerala near Trivandrum at Poovar Island Resort. Please go to for fantastic images or a great vacation directly on the beach of the Arabian Sea. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Detox procedures are done here for a fraction of what you pay here.


Socialwork: I have worked as a child- and family therapist and counselor for a non-profit organisation in Washington State for 7 years. In Germany I worked with youth in group homes, in a counseling center for the prevention of suicide and a vocational rehabilitation center for unemployed adults for a total of  5 years.

During my studies I found inspiration in internships at a cutting edge spiritual psychiatric clinic in Groenenbach and at Synanon, Berlin, a self-help drug rehabilitation center and community with their own businesses.


Group Facilitator Training (1 year full-time in Germany) including elements from gestalt therapy, psycho drama, group dynamics and creative dream work.


Continuing Education:  Art-and Play Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Children, “The Nurtured Heart Approach – Transforming the Difficult Child”, Individual Psycho-Therapy, “Helping Children through Divorce”, the “Collaborative Problem Solving Approach”, “Helping People recover after traumatic Events” (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Training), Non-violent crisis intervention, STRIDES and Choices Program for working with challenging adolescents and “Transforming the Out-of-Control Adolescent” with Scott Sells, PhD.