Often clients ask me to help their pets in their healing process after injury, abuse, illness or surgery. here are some examples:


Unlikely Survival of a Cat

Several years ago I got a call from a client about her cat. The veterinarian had already done the needed surgery, but had no hope for the survival of her cat. My client asked me to do a session for her beloved pet. After about 45 minutes of intense! energy work her cat recovered within the next few days. The veterinarian was speechless and the

owner very happy.  



Increased Vitality for a depressed Dog

Another time the owner of an adopted, traumatized dog with symptoms of depression requested a session for her pet. It was a distance phone session. The owner stayed on the phone with me observing the dog’s behavior and giving me feed-back while I was working on her dog. I was able to connect with the soul of this dog and the next day this dog showed much improved vitality.


Collaboration with the Fairy Kingdom

Last summer I forgot to water my tomato plants in Hawaii. Due to extreme heat they had completely wilted and I was tempted to pull them out of the ground, because there seemed to be no hope  for revival. Then I thought “wait a minute, I will give it a try. If it doesn’t work I can still pull out the plants tomorrow.” So I watered them thoroughly and then did energy work for them asking the nature spirits and the deva (angel) of the tomato plants to do their very best, thanking them for all their work. To my surprise and delight the plants were upright and thriving the next morning like nothing ever happened. They looked really proud and happy to me. Now, did they just recover, because they got watered? I honestly do not think so. Would they have died without the energy work? I believe so. The nature kingdoms so appreciate the collaboration with us humans.


 Flowers Can Giggle

You can ask them questions and then listen for the answer.

Working on a flower farm near Olympia in Washington many years ago I had the opportunity to be immersed in fields of flowers of the same kind. One of the kind of flowers growing there was Baby’s Breath and the energy felt so pleasant, light and ethereal. Echinacea flowers felt extremely strong and after a while gave me a headache because of their intensity. I also remember working with other volunteers in the gardens of Findhorn in Scotland that Sweet Pea flower energy  for example made us laugh and giggle a lot and in working with young leek plants we found ourselves creating silly little leek rhymes and jokes. We always began our work in Findhorn in a circle with everyone who would work in the garden that day. We acknowledged the angels and devas (angels of the plant species) and asked for their blessing and co-creation with us. When work was done we gathered in a circle again giving thanks for a morning of meaningful work,

connection and community, before we headed to lunch.


Secret of a Gecko 

In Hawaii I asked a gecko that came to visit me in my yard if there was anything he had to teach me. I waited for the answer and then heard him "say" clear as day: “wait for the right moment and jump”. This was not a THOUGHT I had observing the gecko's behavior. I would explain it as an intentional projected message/insight/recognition from the gecko to me that I "translated" and perceived as a voice. He was communicating in this way. This was such a simple and profound answer and made so much sense from the gecko’s perspective of life.  This is what geckos do to catch an insect or to move around, but their wisdom also applies to our lives. If an opportunity comes and the time is right it is time to act. This was his sweet message to me in that moment. I will treasure it for the rest of my life, gecko medicine.