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Ayurveda (Indian Health Education)

I am also a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and have studied at the Ayurvedic Academy at Bastyr in Seattle, WA with Dr. Vivek Shanbag and many other Indian doctors. I interned in Dr. Shanbag's Ayurvedic Health Clinic in Seattle and attended his consultations with clients. I took pulses and helped in the Ayurvedic pharmacy.


I also completed an Ayurvedic apprenticeship program with Kumudini Shoba on Whidbey Island, WA. Kumudini Shoba is an Ayurvedic Healer from a long lineage of Ayurvedic practitioners. You can google “Kumudini Shoba-Ayurveda, wisdom of life” to watch a video with her.


I deepened my studies of Ayurveda in India with Dr. Vishnawathan and Dr. Kumar in Kerala near Trivandrum at Poovar Island Resort. Please go to for fantastic images or to enjoy a great vacation directly on the beach of the Arabian Sea. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Detox procedures are done here for a fraction of what you pay here in America.

I can make recommendations for your health, life style and nutrition from an Ayurvedic perspective. Ayurveda means “Science of Life” and is an ancient and vital healing system from India, which teaches that, in order to be healthy, we need to live and eat according to our individual constitution and live in harmony with nature and our higher purpose for being here.


In knowing our individual Ayurvedic constitution (body type) we can learn to choose foods, spices and supplements that support our health more fully. Whenever we get sick or feel unbalanced, the reason for this is, that one or more of the 3 main energies (doshas) in our system has gone out of balance. By rebalancing the doshas with the right kind of nutrition and life style we can regain health and balance. There are many simple, but very effective things we can do to rebalance our energies. A vital immune system and digestion are a good and necessary foundation for our health.


These three energies (doshas) in Ayurveda are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of these energies has different strengths, challenges and needs. Ayurvedic recommendations are always based on trying to reestablish a healthy balance of these three doshas. We all have all three doshas in a unique balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which is our birth constitution.



I understand that  Gabi Schoening is not a medical doctor or Ayurvedic doctor and that I should remain under the care of my doctor or therapist  for treatment of any physical, medical or mental condition. Gabi Schoening is not medically or legally responsible for any of my choices. I understand that Gabi Schoening is not diagnosing any medical conditions or prescribing any treatment. Her approach includes intuitive energy work, Matrix Energetics and Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations. Clients take responsibility for their own comfort and well-being. I understand, that this work is very powerful and I take responsibility for my own transformation and emotional well- being and will seek additional professional support, if needed.




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