My Mentors and Thank Yous


In thankful recognition of the ones who taught and inspired me along the way:


Cosmic Teachers


Shin Shiva Svayambhu


St. Germain



My Mentors for Matrix Energetics


 Dr. Richard Bartlett


Justice Bartlet



      Dr. Hector Garcia,

                                                                              teacher of the Yuen energy healing method                                                                                



My Mentors for Ayurveda


Dr. Vivek Shanbag


Dr. Lad


Kumudini Shoba




My Mentors for being a Priestess


 Iolani Grace


Lauren Burrei

who inspired me with her ministry

and ceaseless service to the Sufi community on Whidbey Island, WA.


Justice Bartlett

who is such a fearless and clear channel for cosmic information



Mentor for Dance


 Saffire Bouchelion

who is keeping the peaceful warrior spirit and dance alive in all of us




Much Gratitude and Appreciation


 Linda Lander  for creating my new website and her marketing support.


 Darlene and Jamie Potter and their wonderful team at New Renaissance Book Store for all their support


Thank you to all who co-created the Portland Wellness Fair with me: Lori Seeborg, Heidi Crain, David Michael Hash, Francesca Fleming, Kathy Serrat, Jaya Sarada, Madison Christine, Erin Mackley, Tracie Mahan, Selene Aswell, Angel True, Sarah Lambert, Porsche Ing, Jim Allen, Kristen Adams, Laura DeVeny, Katherine Russ, Aminga Bispham, Lori Purifoy, Sara Wiseman, Mani Pureheart, Glen Allen, Kathy Serrat and Regina LaRocca.


Thank yous to my son Michael , who created my original website for me,

to my son Raphael for his humor

and to my daughter Jasmine for spiritual and artistic inspiration

 Payments, donations and tips can be sent via PayPal to Thank you so much!




You can find me on Facebook as "Energy Medicine" Page. 


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