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Quantum Transformation Group


Saturday, January 21st, 2017, 2 -3:30 pm in SW Portland

to register and for details please e-mail


These group experiences are usually fun, transformative and

deeply moving. I have been facilitating groups like this for 8 

years.I will explain and demonstrate my unique way of working

with spiritual guides in an interactive and dynamic group

experience. You have the opportunity to witness or experience

first-hand transformational and supportive mini sessions that

WILL change your LIFE- according to YOUR intention/readiness

/willingness/courage to allow this change from the perspective

of your Higher Self. This work helps to remove obstacles, that

stand between you and the evolution of your soul. Often these

obstacles are illusions and desires of the ego, family patterns,

old traumas, unconscious beliefs and thoughts or fears. It is a

great way to improve your wellness by taking care of your

energy. Before anything manifests in the body as a symptom it

shows up in your energy field. Even after energy has manifested

into a symptom, a new outcome can be created at the quantum

 level, where we are only patterns of light and information. The

photons are free to move into new alignments as we access

different possibilities. This can result in astounding new

outcomes in your energy, feelings, your approach to life,

self esteem, relationships and health. 


Cosmic Dance

New Renaissance Bookshop


March 31st, 2016, 6:30-8:30 pm

 October  20th, 2016,  6:30-8:30 pm



This evening is to honor the significance of movement

and dance from a cosmic and healing perspective.

We can influence our inner and outer environment

with movement.and align our physical body and consciousness

with the realms of nature, heaven and the teachers

of the cosmic tradition. Dance and movement can be developed

as a  healing language. There will be demonstrations, question

and answer. Together we will dance, sing and explore

harmonizing movement meditations that you can easily learn

and  "take home" to cultivate a daily practice - if you like. 



“Navigating Change in Your Life”


Event with Mini sessions and Transformations with Gabi Schoening

New Renaissance Bookshop Event Center, Portland, OR, 2013 and 2014


As the vibrations on this planet are becoming lighter we are going through a personal process of purification and initiation. To be aligned with the higher vibrations we need to leave behind density at every level. Some relationships might no longer be compatible, we may need to move, change jobs or our diet. Learn tools to stay centered in the middle of change or challenge, access your inner guidance and receive support through on-the-spot mini sessions and personal readings by Gabi Schoening, intuitive and energy worker. Gabi Schoening has been a successful presenter and speaker at Body-Mind-Spirit Expos in Hawaii, Washington and Oregon. She just returned to Portland from Kauai/Hawaii, “the temple of the earth”, where she lived for 2 years and facilitated powerful, weekly groups for quantum transformations. 

Intuitive Readings and Transformations



Quantum Transformations Group for Women

Vibrant Studio, SW Portland, OR, 4-15-2015



Speaker at the Law-of-Attraction-for Happiness Meet-up Group

Beaverton, OR at the Sage Center, March 16th, 7 pm



Spring Equinox Gathering 2015
March 21st, 2015, 1-3 pm

Everett House, 2917 NE Everett St, Portland, OR. 
This is a day after the equinox and solar eclipse and a space for meditating together, setting intentions and holding a loving space for our planet. Donation based. Share your light! Flowers, instruments, inspirations welcome.

Celestial Awakenings Grand Opening!
7831 SE Stark Street #100, Portland, OR
March 22nd, 2015, 11 am - 5 pm
Get a reading with me or one of the other readers and astrologers

Interactive Quantum Transformation Group 

These groups are fun, transformative and deeply moving.

I have been facilitating quantum transformation groups since 2007 
to create an interactive and dynamic group experience.

Bi-weekly from March - June 2015
Celestial Awakenings, 7831 SE Stark Street #100, Portland, OR 

and at Everett House

Bi-weekly from October  -  December 2015


Interactive Quantum Transformation Group and Creative Dance 
Float Shoppe in NW Portland, OR

Bi-weekly from January - May 2016


Energetic Healing Event

 New Renaissance Book Store Event Center in Portland, 1338 NW 23rd Avenue

Mar. 23,  2014, 7 pm


Gabi Schoening, a certified Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner, intuitive, Ayurvedic practitioner and minister, will use her tools to help you trust your inner guidance to address conflict, challenging life situations and emotional or physical pain. Her passion is to help others shed “old skin” then move into a new phase, make new choices and take desired steps. She’ll help you access a realm where old energy patterns collapse at the quantum level and new energy patterns unfold. After time with Gabi, people feel like they are more of who they are, and often the changes are so profound, that their whole life unfolds in a new way.



Matrix Energetics Study Groups 

These groups are open to anyone who has attended at least one workshop with Dr. Richard Bartlett. Come and ᅠcreate community; share, connect with others, get inspired - we can all learn from each other. Hours count towards certification. It is a place to ask questions, share your experiences, practice with each other and have fun. Come for an evening of play and transformation.
Materials: please bring your manuals and note book, a bottle of water, comfortable clothing and your playful self.

Monthly, 2009 in Portland, OR 97205

Monthly, 2008 on Whidbey Island


Quantum Transformations Event

December 11th, 2014, 7 pm 

Unity of Whidbey

5671 Crawford Road (near 525), Langley, WA


This will be an interactive evening with live demonstrations of highly effective energy work which is benefiting everyone present as well as the planet. Bring your questions, an open heart and a friend!



Energy Work

Ayurveda Plus, 3609 SW Corbett Avenue, SW Portland

 March 10th 7:00 pm, 2010

Presentation of Quantum Transformations and Mini Sessions

Gabi combines her intuitive gifts with the transformational power of Matrix Energetics. Matrix Energetics is a new method of transformation based on quantum physics and allows for the possibility to create a desired change fast, for yourself, for your children, your family or relationship. It is effective, fun and revolutionary. This evening will give you a solid introduction and live demonstrations.



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