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"Thank you so much for the wonderful, enlightening, healing session today. I feel better and am moving with more fluidity and range of motion and less pain, already. I do anticipate doing more phone sessions with you."
Linda T.




"With Gabi’s guidance I experienced unexpected and remarkable results. I had been suffering from PTSD, experienced night terrors and frequent triggers causing panic attacks.
I was carrying around a weight of grief and even guilt over past events. The transformation came on suddenly during my time with Gabi.
A deeply felt fear was released from my solar plexus. I was in an altered state while past trauma left my body in waves of palpable energy. Gabi was wonderfully reassuring as my body went through this transformational experience.
If you are suffering with unwanted repeating life patterns or outmoded fixed beliefs that are keeping you from having the life you desire, have courage and call Gabi.

Elise S.


"My experience working with Gabi was invaluable. I often struggle with  generalized anxiety and fear of confrontation.  

After bringing to light some of my past lifetimes, my current reactions to THIS lifetime make more sense. I now have a stronger and more compassionate sense of myself. I feel calmer, able to take deeper breaths, and feel more awake than ever. I'm so grateful for the new perspectives on my life. With love, Andrea"


"When I decided to work with Gabi, I had a very particular past life issue I wanted to address and receive healing for. The circumstances of the past life experience were rather dark and heavy, but Gabi tapped into the situation with tenderness and love, and was able to bring peace and resolution to an unhappy incident.  

The healing I received was tremendous and it took a weight off my shoulders that I had been carrying around for several lifetimes.  What an incredible gift.

 I continue to work with Gabi regularly.  She has helped bring healing to a challenging relationship with a co-worker, balance my physical, mental, and emotional bodies, process and release tension and stress, and bring forth my own wisdom and light. Whether you have a heavy situation that needs healing, or your energy just needs a freshening up, I cannot recommend Gabi enough. The work she does is so important and truly a gift that can help everybody.   Thank You, Gabi!" Rachel T.



 "I'm so grateful for our sessions together.  My spirituality and awareness have increased so much.The statements that you made to me- each one right on! Thank you so much.  I love what you do." Andrea M.



"I highly recommend Gabi, and I already have! Neck pain that has plagued me for decades is gone. Extreme tightness in my back and shoulders... a good massage would only last one day. But It's been almost 2 weeks now, and I'm still relaxed! This is the best hour I have ever spent on myself...."Jeanna L.



"I have had sessions with many different healers/energy medicine practitioners over the course of about 10 years, and Gabi is by far my favorite and most preferred. Her work is very clean, clear, and comes from such a loving source. I feel so comfortable and warmly welcomed with Gabi. I feel like I can be completely vulnerable around her (which is particularly challenging for me!), and that I can tell her anything at all and know that she receives it well, with no judgment, and in complete confidentiality. She is able to go directly to the source of any concern or issue and effectively (and efficiently) work through it in whatever way is appropriate. I am so grateful for her. Thank you Gabi!"  Adrienne S.



"Gabi is an amazing healer. She is patient, kind, and very insightful. I am so glad I get to work her." 

Selam M. 

Profound change is really possible. After one hour with Gabi I’m sleeping through the night- no more night terrors, and no more waking with the dread, that had followed me through my days for the past 4 years. I’m free at last.I have Gabi’s facilitation, our Higher Power, and the present unseen helpers to thank. I've been blessed with a miraculous experience through Gabi’s energy work and I’m so grateful. Don’t suffer alone - you don’t have to, call Gabi." E. S.

"Gabi has done some amazing energy work with me which has helped me immensely. She does very powerful work and I've been through an incredible transformation... I highly recommend Gabi to anyone who is eager to transform their life."

Lana Love


"I have had many healing sessions with Gabi, and the experience is always life transforming and inspiring. Her ability to listen compassionately and identify what needs to shift in order to bring about the needed change is graceful. Her loving joyful personality is soothing and full of light. What stands out the most for me after doing a session with Gabi is how light-hearted and refreshed I feel, it is as if she opens the door of grace and fills you up with it, washing away any discomfort or disconnection! Thank you Gabi, I am eternally grateful!!! "

 Mehret M, Seattle 



“I have found remarkable healing, clearing and clarity in very few sessions with Gabi.  Her strong intuitive abilities have done wonders for my appearance, mood and my life.  We’ve done in three hours what may have taken me years, if ever in this lifetime, to accomplish using traditional methods.  Thank you, thank you Gabi!”

 Stacie K, Portland, OR



"I have had 4-5 sessions with Gabi over a few years and every time I leave I feel more open, awake, energized, even like I have had a gentle internal massage. Each visit has been unique unto itself and addresses my body-mind-spirit needs at the time. Her work innately meets me where I am at at the time, I simply relax. What ensues I can only describe as an energetic dance and holistic alignment - all while I am lying comfortably still."

Sarah T., Portland, OR



“Gabi’s work has been instrumental in helping me through one of the worst times of my life and I am extremely grateful to her. Her work is gentle, yet extremely deep and powerful.  Do yourself a favor and go see her!

Walking in Light! Dancing through Life!!” ~

Saffire Bouchelion, Portland, OR



“I know her as a blessed soul whose revolutionary work has helped so many. She has a very unique style and through divine grace and her enlightened intuitive power never ceases to work miracles of healing and soul renewal. I have worked with her many times and witnessed her gentle approach and reassuring “touch” always be present. I am extremely fond of her work and know the power that lies inherent in her work.”

Porsche Ing,

MA in Public Health, Portland, OR



“Gabi is grounded and alert, yet inspiring and gentle. She makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. After just one session I felt as if an imaginary backpack had been lifted off of me. The shift was tremendous and I immediately felt the results.” –

Dawn Montefusco,

Life Coach and Writer, Portland, OR.



"In my experience, I have had fits of laughter, sobbing, releases and gentle calmness - often in the same session. My mind's eye is treated to bright colors and often vivid images. All these wonderful sensory experiences are really just the nice view along the session journey though - the real experience is about how I feel afterwards - renewed, refreshed, rested and very alive. 

If you have the opportunity to experience Gabi's delightful spirit and valuable healing work - do so. You will thank yourself and you're worth it." -

Sarah T., Portland, OR



 Gabi - I wanted to thank you . I feel SO much more clearer than I've felt for a long time. My energy is completely fluid. I think it opened up quite a bit - Now I'm aware of when I might be taking on other energies/emotions. It's nice to feel like I have something to work towards - I haven't had that for awhile...I also felt the energy/work from the session the next morning  - it helped shift my energy for the day. Mornings have been difficult for me. I appreciate the work you do! Kristie W.



 "I was going through a lot of life questions and confusion, and Gabi popped into my mind as someone I could call upon. She is very professional in what she does and I knew I was in good hands. The session was progressive, grounded, and reenergizing. I really felt a shift after we finished! I definitely recommend Gabi's work to folks seeking to assess their energetic body. She is a wonderful intuitive healer, and a very sweet and mindful human being as well."  

 Erica Belfiore, Yoga Instructor, Portland, OR

"It's time for me to step out of this awful shell I've cocooned myself in into the light. It might take some time, but I've noticed a huge change in myself from the first time I met with you only a few months back. That is invaluable. I'm ready to make my life one of purpose. I want to help others and this planet, but first I need to become the warrior woman I am. You're helping me to see my value. That's a big deal. I thank you!!!" Tiffany B.


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