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Intuitive Readings and Energy Shifts
with Gabi Schoening
New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR
                                                     June 2017                                   

 Mon. June 12, 4-8:30pm
Sat. June 17, 4-8:30pm

Fri. June 30, 4-8:30pm

                                                      Please call the store at 503- 224-3001 to reserve YOUR time 


Quantum Transformation WIHHA Presentation

Whidbey Island Holistic Health Association

Whidbey Island, WA


June 1st, 2017,  4 pm Freeland Library

June 2nd, 2017,  2 pm Oak Harbor Library

June 3rd, 2017,  10 am Langley Library

June 5th, 2017, 2 pm Coupeville Library


Gabi Schoening,  Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Intuitive, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Minister will explain and demonstrate a unique way of working with spiritual guides through movement and other senses. You have the opportunity to either witness or experience

first-hand transformational and supportive mini sessions that

WILL change your LIFE- according to YOUR intention/readiness

/willingness/courage to allow this change from the perspective

of your Higher Self. This work helps to remove obstacles, that

stand between you and the evolution of your soul. Often these

obstacles are illusions and desires of the ego, family patterns,

old traumas, unconscious beliefs and thoughts or fears. It is a

great way to improve your wellness by taking care of your

energy. Before anything manifests in the body as a symptom it

shows up in your energy field. Even after energy has manifested

into a symptom, a new outcome can be created at the quantum

 level, where we are only patterns of light and information. The

photons are free to move into new alignments as we access

different possibilities. This can result in astounding new

outcomes in your energy, feelings, your approach to life,

self esteem, relationships and health. 










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