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Thunderstorm-Inspired Poetry from Kauai

Mama Earth

You are a living, breathing, sentient being.

You envelope us in a blanket of love and wet kisses.

You teach us to listen to your vibrations of love, joy and pure presence.

I love you, Mother Earth,

your fragrant scents, wild hair, your breezes,

your tears and your radiant joy!

Creatures of the Night

When night falls, Mama Earth, I feel your love

Enveloping my soul,

Cradling me under the stars.

The Spirits of the night come out to play.

They come as a whisper, an inspiration or a dream.

They caress my hair.

They open the door to eternity

And remind me of paradise,

Where imagination has wings,

Where song never ends: the vibration of HOME!

So I WELCOME you, creatures of the night!

You keep me company.

You inform me of the magical worlds beyond.

Beings of the Thunderstorm

Beings of the thunderstorm

Grumbling in the distance.

Flashes of lightning

Are waking up the sleepy night sky.

What is God saying?

Divine exclamation marks.


CHANGE is to come.”

She speaks to us.

“Yes, CHANGE is to come, my children,

Wake up: it has begun.

Wake up, sleep NOT!

Listen to me: You have to change,

Only love will survive, only love, beloveds, she whispers,

All else has to go.

Be love,

Be brother and sister,

work hand in hand.

I teach you in love and sacredness.

Listen to ME,

I am the voice of the land.

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