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I am offering you an open ear to listen and effective energy work to move you to a new place or perspective. My sessions are usually one-time high-impact transformations that occur at a time when you are ready for change. It has always been my goal to empower independence. I work very fast and efficiently and will read your energy field as well as that of the circumstances surrounding you. I receive information from the Akashic records and have powerful helpers and guides working with me. Sometimes messages come through from departed loved ones, sometimes health situations get turned around, sometimes clarity is found about a relationship, sometimes there is uncertainty about the next move. Whatever it is you would like some help, support or a new direction with please feel free to contact me.

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How I work with Energy

We all have a Higher Self which is united with God/Source/ Universal Energy which is so much more evolved than our limited Ego personality. The Higher self is directing the lessons to be learnt on the path and the speed at which they unfold. Every situation is a learning situation that ultimately leads to the re-unification with the Higher Self. On this journey over life times and centuries we evolve. Life lessons are repeated until we learn them.


Everybody has their own personality, history, energy, feelings and unique spirit. In addition to that everybody also holds in their energy field identities they have held in other life times (for example the priest, the princess etc.) At times these identities show themselves to me and they may be relevant to a present situation the client is in. They may also explain certain talents, gifts, preferences, strong relationship bonds, hostilities, fears or attraction to a particular person or place and culture including food preferences.


Cultural connections stemming from past lives are ties to particular times and places in the evolution of the earth as Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Persia, Native Traditions etc and can still be noticed in the energy field.




Traumatic situations or power dynamics in relationships with others in other life times may show up in a session to be integrated, completed, understood or neutralized, so that they no longer cause fear, panic or phobias in this life time. These can be experiences that led to abandonment, betrayal, imprisonment, torture and death or very beautiful, powerful and peaceful experiences and great love for another person. 


Friends from other life times who are not embodied now can also come to assist and express support.


Some healers or healing practitioners who are embodied now but not physically present in the room are awake and telepathic enough that they can assist in the work as well in a telepathic and psychic way. They can tune in, evaluate and shift energies and collaborate with us through words, inspiration and frequency. They may also show up in a "dream" at night that is more than a dream, because true interaction and healing can happen in this "dream"state.  



Sometimes beings from nature show up in sessions like fairies, fawns, power animals, tree spirits etc. 



Loved ones who have crossed over sometimes come visit and speak to me or the client.


Sometimes people who have died can live in the energy field of a client and draw from their energy and we can help them to move to the next place. They may not know that they have that option.


At times we encounter beings that have less than loving intentions and have a negative influence. They can draw people to self-destructive actions and habits like addictions, crime or suicide. A clearing is helpful.


Living close family members who are not physically present and their influence or attitude may also show up in the client's energy field.


The energy of different cities, countries or landscapes may show up: the vision of a lake where the person lived in the past, the climate of a particular place (heat or cold), a forest or mountain range etc.


Past identities within this life time can show themselves like the 2-year-old, the 5-year-old, the 15-year-old, aspects of the soul that even in adult age have not completely matured or need a new kind of parenting, aspects that never have received the love they wanted, aspects that were traumatized etc. It is possible to talk to these younger selves and to nurture them so that they become more willing to cooperate if they had rebelled, limited or sabotaged before or that they can come out, play and enjoy life, if they had been intimidated. They often really enjoy to be seen, because they are not use to it.


Aspects that left because it was too scary in a particular situation and have not dared to return can be talked to and can be energetically integrated again. In the Native American tradition this is called soul retrieval.


Deities (aspects of God and Goddess) may come to help in different forms like Kwan Yin, Tara, Buddha etc.


There are medical teams of the White Brotherhood who come and assist when called upon. They know to work with energies, healing frequencies and subtle energy technologies that are non-invasive and very powerful. They enhance and speed up healing after injuries or surgery and change the vibration of the physical body.


It is also possible to tune into someone else's heart beat, pulse or breathing over distance and to bring in healing frequencies. This can be done in phone sessions and even without phone. It is also possible to talk to someone else's Higher Self, if their personality/ ego is not ready to listen. 


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Intuitive Readings
New Renaissance Bookshop/ Portland, OR
1338 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR
     Please call the store at 503- 224-3001 to reserve YOUR time.
Currently the bookshop is closed as of March 21st, 2020 and hopefully will reopen soon. I remain available for sessions by phone.





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